06.19.2015 @ JAH DIVISION @ live @ JETLAG_-2015

06.19.2015 @ JAH DIVISION @ live @ JETLAG_-2015

Friday, 19 June 2015

Gerbert Morales, the living legend of Russian reggae, is the stenography of emotions that spread in a wide range from Òreal-art-must-be-sadÓ mode to something both tranquil as the ocean after storm and wild like a waterfall in the mountains. Those lost in times and denying love will reacquire it after the encounter with Gera MoralesÕ soul laboratory. Along his brothers-in-arms from Russia Vanya Zhuk (guitar) and Garik Bagdagyulyan (drums), for this performance he was joined by Leonid Tomilchik (bass) and Misha Kuznetsov (trumpet).

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