Jeff Mills & RTS Symphony Orchestra Are A Real ‘Lovefest’

Jeff Mills & RTS Symphony Orchestra Are A Real ‘Lovefest’

Tuesday, 01 November 2016
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On Thursday, November 24, 2016, DJ Jeff Mills and the RTS Symphony Orchestra will perform at the 10th annual Lovefest Experience at an as yet to be announced venue in Belgrade, Serbia.


Yes, this year audience members will have the rare opportunity to experience the world-famous disc jockey Mills and the internationally-acclaimed RTS Symphony Orchestra performing together. It promises to be a unique musical mashup of both electronic music and symphony music.
The event organizers have spent the past six months in preparation. In a statement to the press, they offered some details. They said:
“After . . . last year’s . . . Lovefest [Experience] which was [attended] by more than 70,000 people from all over the world, we knew that we [had] to find a way to repay all our devoted fans who have been growing . . . with us [over] the last ten years. That is how the idea of this special music event was created . . . Lovefest Experience is [more than] just a fusion of different musical genres, but [also] a unique audio-visual experience.”
For readers not up on all their audio artists, Jeff Mills is a disc jockey based out of Detroit, Michigan. His signature sound is a blend of electronic dance music (EDM) and techno. He is also the founder of the musical movement known as the “Underground Resistance”.
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In a prior interview, Mills told the press that the focus of his performances is experimenting with various ideas in hopes of making each appearance different. Some online sources believe one of his more memorable performances to be on in which he put all his equipment directly onto the floor and pushed platters while he sat on the floor. This will be his second Lovefest performance.
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His fans expect another noteworthy performance, especially with the RTS Symphony Orchestra. The RTS Symphony Orchestra is one of the biggest acts in Serbia today. For this performance, they will be conducted by Serbia’s hometown hero the maestro Bojan Suđić. The highlight of the concert is said to be a performance of Light from the Outside World.
Tickets for Lovefest Experience in Belgrade, Serbia are presently priced as follows:
General Admission tickets: 22 EUR
Fan Pit tickets: 33 EUR
VIP tickets: 66 EUR
VIP Gold tickets: 132 EUR

As this goes to press, tickets are still available online. Additional service charges may apply. Ticket purchase limits, age restrictions, and other details are also available online on the official ShopLovefest website.

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